ASK-ASL Starter Kit(s)


updated 040923

The SQUAD LEADER (series) SCENARIO RECORD (aka ROS) has been initiated reflecting the debut tournament at World Boardgame Championships, Baltimore, MD. Bill Thomson is the Record Keeper on an interim basis. A volunteer wishes to become the ASK Scenario Record keeper for a minimum of one year, please contact Bill, access to all the for submissions to the new Keeper will be made.

The record shows the Axis Win-Loss record for all known published PREASL (SQL, COI, COD, GIA) scenario. For this record to be effective, players need to participate by sending scenario played and winning side (Axis, Allies) to AskScenarioRecord for any two player game completed. Life priorities permitting, this is updated as justified by the number of inputs received.

Please do NOT include scenarios played solitaire. Play against any opponentby any means (FTF or Remote play).

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