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Campaign Scenario
Europe Poland 9/39 France 5/40 Barbarossa 7/41 Stalingrad 7/42 Kursk 7/43 Overlord 6/44 Germany 1945
Europe Poland 9/39 France 5/40 North Africa 7/41 Italy 7/43 Overlord 6/44
East Barbarossa 7/41 Stalingrad 7/42 Kursk 7/43 Center 6/44

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Cwie Options Used

1. German Personnel Points
2. Additional Ground Units
3. Ukraine Option
4. Air Supremacy
5. U-Bors: Surf Sorty & ASW
6. New Paratroop Rules
7. More Partisans
8. Minor ZOC only +1
9. Additional Combat Results
10. Severe Weather
11. Afrika Korps Supply
12. Allied Changing Units
13. Fog of War
14. Partial Combat Odds
15. SS Rules
16. Random Weather
17. Sealion & Air-Sea Rules
18. Allied Production
19. Force March
20. Poland Surrender
21. Blitzkrieg ZOCs
22. Russia & Turkey

Other Scenario Modifications (House Rules)

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