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TITLE: Europa East Front

PUBLISHER: None, as EEF a a Wargame Academy project combine three Europa Series Games covering the Russian Front, Fire in the East, Scorched Earth and The Urals into a Java computer application. The original games were published by Game Designer' s Workshop and its successor GRD which is also assumed to be defunct. No rights by WGA are assumed. Until such rights are acquired, EEF will remain internal to the playtest team. How many opponents are needed in my lifetime anyway. It is hoped to provide this to the public domain at some future time. However unless some profitability and rights ownership is defined, the creation of EEF will proceed without a defined schedule. By default it is but one project on WGA's table. All project volunteers are welcome.

EUROPA Background & History taken form Web Grognards

Java is prioritized as platform independent allowing the greatest global penetration (Macintosh OS8+, Macintosh OSX, Linux, Unix, all forms of Windows) and will enable both turn based PBEM play and real time server play. It will be built in increments.

Europa East Front is a WGA term for a collection of games, initially by GDW. The current GRD The east front time line includes

FIRE IN THE EAST-FITE (1984). Europa Module I; The Russian Front, 1941-1942. Reported on Web Grognards review: Fire in the East is published by GR/D. Originally published by GDW as Drag Nach Osten (Europa I), it was renamed/modernized in 1983, and reprinted in 1985, 1989.

SCORCHED EARTH-SCE; (1987) Europa Module II; The Russian Front, 1942-1944. The SCE rulebook is complete and supercedes FITE.

THE URALS-TUR-(1989) Europa Module XIII. Addition of the Soviet Off-Map Military Districts, rules, 1943 Scenario. The TUR rulebook is complete and supercedes both FITE and SCE.

The complete errata for FIRE IN THE EAST/SCORCHED EARTH/THE URALS included in the Revision 1.5 game set.. The errata includes all material not provided in the rulebook, orders of battle and charts contained in THE URALS and SCORCHED EARTH.

It should be noted, GRD is creating a revised series called TOTAL WAR which will 'replace' these three modules. It is reported from one source 'The Soviet OB will be quite different (Since the fall of the Soviet Union there has been a lot of new information found), but from what I understand the largest difference is the maps. A lot of new transportation lines that solve much of the German Supply problem which doesn't currently allow the Germans to make it to Rostov in 1941'. Each will game will be be about $140. EEF will continue regardless.

JET is computer program that is aimed to make playing of Europa board games easier. JET's main goal is to allow easy PBM (Play By Mail) playing and playing without paper maps and cardboard counters. . JET also helps you by taking care of sometimes tedious and error prone tasks like calculating MP's and combat strengths. Windows and Linux.

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