F40 -FRANCE 1940

Updated 100904
  1. TITLE: France 1940
  2. PUBLISHER: The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC)
  3. SCOPE: (World War II) German Blitzkrieg in the West.
  5. GAME BOX DESCRIPTION: France, 1940 recreates the military situation of May 1940. It shows why, and how, the Germany swept away the combined armies of France, Britain, Belgium, and Holland in just three weeks. This was the first major campaign in history in which tanks, aircraft, and parachute infantry combine as the decisive factor on the Battlefield.
  6. YEAR PUBLISHED (EDITIONS): 1972. Only one published edition. Discontinued in 1978 before the end of TAHGC life span (1998).
    • Game Design: James F. Dunnigan
    • Graphics, Equipment & Package Design: Redmond A. Simonsen
    • Rules Composition and Supplemental Design: John Young and Redmond A. Simonsen
    • Game Testing and Debugging: Robert Champer
    • Research and Historical Background: Albert A. Nofi
    • Note: The prototype of France 1940, titled BATTLE FOR FRANCE, was originally published in issue No. 27 of Strategy & Tactics Magazine, copyright 1971, Simulations Publications, Inc., New York, N. Y. and is used with permission
    • Typesetting: Colonial Composition
    • Printing: Monarch Services
  11. MAP SCALE:
  12. UNIT SCALE: Corps, Divisions, Brigades
  13. TIME SCALE PER TURN: Two days per turn
  15. ARTICLE LISTING: Click here
  16. GAME INVENTORY: ### unit counters; 22" x 24" mounted mapboard; multiple playing aids and charts, 1 die; rulebook.
  17. WBC & AVALONCON HISTORY: Never made it as an Avaloncon event.
    • No Java application VASSAL module at this time; however one is 60% complete including a professional quality map. Project has been on the back burner due to limited discretionary time and lack of interest by others.
  19. PBEM OPPORTUNITES: A VASSAL module is near completion as of 100904; will be posted as soon as I regain access onto the new VASSAL page. Contact Wargame Academy if interested in playing. A Boardgamer Player Association PBEM tournament can be organized by WGA pending suitable interest once a VASSAL F40 module is completed. At present there no active ratings in AREA. Winner of the first rated game is the champion until unseated.
  20. WARGAME ACADEMY COMMENTS: This is a relatively simple and elegant game suited for boardgame novices. Its popularity suffered front the accurate situation that the Allies cannot defeat the Germans and are playing a defensive role in a lop-sided contest. However as a wargame, the Allies can 'defeat' the Germans by denying them a historical or more expensive victory. This type of psychological victory does not appeal to all.Per the game description, France 1940 is an accurate study of how the Germans overwhelmed the Allies with a combination of slow moving infantry, air-power, fast-moving and hard-hitting Panzer divisions, and airborne infantry units. The forte of the game are the fifteen alternate 'What If' orders of battle in addition to the historical ones. These alternates reflect such things as the Allies adopting a more 'German' attitude towards air power and/or motorized units as well as possible French decision no to build the Maginot Line or to re-arm earlier. I actually like the game, however I have not been psychologically damaged by playing countless hours in 1941 campaigns as the Soviet player. Note; given the names on the credits, this game was likely designed & developed by SPI and published by TAHGC.
  21. FROM TAHGC Index and Company History 1952-1980: This game was first published in S&T magazine and later sold to AH with very minor changes. There was little or no input by AH personnel. FRANCE 1940 was a superlative simulation which, by definition, made it a lousy game. It was designed in such a way as to guarantee German victory time after time. It soon fell out of favor with the players.
  22. WARGAME ACADEMY GAME TOOLS: One punched game for play.

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