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  1. TITLE: GI: Anvil of Victory
  2. PUBLISHER: The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC)
  3. SCOPE:The Game of Western Front Tactical Warfare, 1942-1945
  4. TAHGC CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Third and largest Squad Leader expansion gamette. Players command the full arsenal of U.S. fighting men and weapons.
  5. GAME BOX DESCRIPTION: GI adds the complete American arsenal of fighting men and machines to your Squad Leader repertoire, while expanding and enriching the most acclaimed historical gaming system yet devised.
  6. YEAR PUBLISHED (EDITIONS): July1982; 2nd edition rulebook published December 1982.
    • Design & Development: Donald Greenwood
    • Scenario Design: John Hill, Rex Martin, Jo Mishcon, Arnold Blumberg, Don Greenwood
    • Special Armor Consultant: Robert McNamara, Arnold Hendrick
    • Production Assistant & MVP: Jon Mishcon and J. Suchar, M. Suchar, and J. Kenower
    • Cover & Scenario Art: Rodger MacGowan
    • Board & Counter Art: Scott Moores, Dale Sheaffer, Don Greenwood
    • Playtesting: Courtney Allen, Don Chappell, Jim Collier, Jerry Cottrell, Charles Crain, Mike Crane, Richard Hooks, Bob McNamara, Bob Medrow, Jon Mishcon, Joe & Mike Suchar, Don Munsell, Michael Musser, Mark Nixon, James Stahler, Fred Timm, John Loth, Brian Martuzas, Steve List, Dave Quigley, Andrew Maly, Pat Nicely, Russ Hall, Tim Fuchs, Ken Stein, Matt Kovacevich, and the Memphis Area Playtesters.
    • Printing: Monarch Services
    • Composition: Colonial Composition
  10. TYPICAL PLAYING TIME (HOURS): From 2 hours for a short scenario; 6+ large scenarios.
  11. MAP SCALE: 40 meters per hex
  12. UNIT SCALE: Individual squads, leaders, support weapons and vehicles.
  13. TIME SCALE PER TURN: Two minutes
  14. NUMBER OF GAME TURNS: Function of scenario played; typically 5-10 turns
  16. GAME INVENTORY: 1040 two-sided 1/2" diecut counters, 528 two-sided 5/8 diecut counters, five 22x28" mounted mapboards, 36-page illustrated rulebook and designer's notes, 14 scenario cards (#21-32), 2 Quick Reference data Cards, terrain overlays to further vary existing mapboards.
  17. WBC & AVALONCON HISTORY: No GI: Anvil of Victory specific tournament has yet appeared in Avaloncon/WBC but rather contained within the Squad Leader Tournament since 2000. Tournaments allow players to compete at any of the four PREASL rulesets at the lower ruleset compatibility of the pairing (SQL, COI, COD, GIA). Side competitions for the Best Personal Leader Competition and Eliminating the previous years PLC winner occur in parallel to tournament championships. SQLA encourages competitive play but also welcomes and mentors new and 'rusty' players who wish to participate. SQL has run 30+ FTF and PBEM to date and is the administrator for both Boardgame Player Association PBEM events and SQL AREA Player Ratings.
  18. PBEM TOOLS: VSQL VASSAL module is available and has become the standard for PBEM and real time Internet play with full capability for Squad Leader and Cross of Iron play. A COD & GIA extension for COD and GIA is available to support several SQLA PBEM informal round robin tournaments. The full COD & GIA counter set and charts exist within this extension.
  19. PBEM OPPORTUNITES: Contact Wargame Academy if interested. A Boardgame Player Association PBEM tournament can be organized by WGA pending suitable interest. The SQLA GIA Circus event is underway and can accommodate new players.
  20. WARGAME ACADEMY COMMENTS: Barely edged out by COI as my favorite gamette to my favorite wargame with over 200 AREA rated games completed, majority by mail/email. Major rule addition is clarification of earlier rules, new TO HIT system used as a basis for ASL's, infantry smoke capability and American units. US forces, my favorite nationality to play, requires new tactics to overcome their limitations and maximize their strengths. Similar to flying a Me110 instead of Me109; move firepower but often outclassed unit by unit. I have played few of the actual scenarios as mostly used DYO capabilities.
  21. WARGAME ACADEMY GAME TOOLS: Multiple play copies, unpunched games, softcopy rulebook, charts, maps, Order of Battles, all rulebook editions, and extensive related magazine archives. Counter library, maps, and charts in Claris Draw; maps and counters in GIF format.

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