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  1. TITLE: Pacific War
  2. PUBLISHER:Victory Games, subset of The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC)
  3. SCOPE: (World War II) The Struggle Against Japan 1941 - 1945
  4. TAHGC CATALOG VERBAGE: The complete and definitive "monster game" on the WWII Pacific Theater; includes 21 scenarios and two maps.
  5. GAME BOX VERBAGE: PACIFIC WAR is a strategic wargame that takes players from the attack on Pear Harbor through the climatic summer of 1945. From Australia to China; from Burma to Hawaii, from the defense of Wake Island to the Guadalcanal campaign to the massive actions fought in desperate defense of the Japanese homeland. For the first time in Pacific Theater game, size, subtlety, and ease of lay have come together in a game of sharp action and historical accuracy.
    • Game Design: Mark Herman
    • Editorial Development: Robert Ryer
    • Technical Research and Assistance: Tony Curtis, Gary Gonzalez
    • Research Assistance: Al Nofi, David Isby, Jack Radey
    • Playtesting: David Herman, Howard herman, Gary Gonzalez, Tony Curtis, Eric Lee Smith, Joseph Balkowski, Nick Karp, John P. Brisson, Robert Ryer
    • Graphic Design: Ted Koller
    • Pre-Production: Ted Koller, Rosaria Baldari, Jim Talbot, Colonial Composition
    • Camera Department Coordinator: Elaine M. Adkins
    • Printing: Monarch Services
    • Project Oversight: Lara Herman
    • W. Bill: As Himself
  8. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: solitaire introductory scenarios; 2 or more players in larger scenarios
  10. TYPICAL PLAYING TIME (HOURS): Scenarios vary from 1 to 100 hours
  11. MAP SCALE: 100 miles per hex
  12. UNIT SCALE: Individual capital ships, air groups, divisions/battlegroups
  13. TIME SCALE PER TURN: Monthly turns, daily movement
  14. NUMBER OF GAME TURNS: varies per scenario
  15. ARTICLE LISTING: Click here
  16. GAME INVENTORY: 2340 unit counters; 1 rules booklet, 1 scenario booklet, two 22"x32" unmounted mapsheets; two 11" x 32" displays; One 8" x 22" display eight 8" x 11" displays; two 8" x 32" Screens; one record sheet pad, one 10 sided die, 1 counter storage tray.
  17. WBC & AVALONCON HISTORY: Never made it as a Available/WBC event..
    • No Java application VASSAL module at this time.
  19. PBEM OPPORTUNITES: Contact Wargame Academy if interested. Until a VASSAL VPCW module is completed, a massive effort by a team of volunteers, PBEM is unlikely. In the meantime i would suggest several windows computer games, such as Gary Grisby's PACIFIC WAR (SSI) or UNCOMMON VALOR (Matrix Games) which cover similar scope and topics.
  20. WARGAME ACADEMY COMMENTS: Comments are subjective as I have not attempted to learn this title. Comparisons can be made to WAR IN THE PACIFIC (SPI/James F. Dunnigan) whose campaign game I did play over a years worth of saturdays in the pre computer assist days. Both cover the same scope but PCW does so on a smaller map (WIP was approximately 6'x4')and in my opinion a more complex fashion. Most SPI monster game rulesets were not difficult. The credits of PCW list a number of notable names. Other Mark Herman designs (FOR THE PEOPLE) are effective designs which are well received by the new breed of gamer grognards so the same is assumed for PCW.
  21. WARGAME ACADEMY GAME TOOLS: One play copy.

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