Definition of 'SQUAD LEADER Series'

Revised 060501

'SQL Series' is a term for the collection of games 'SQUAD LEADER, CROSS OF IRON, CRESCENDO OF DOOM and GI: ANVIL OF VICTORY). 'ASL' refers to ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER. TAHGC refers to THE AVALON HILL GAME COMPANY, developers and publishers of both SQL, COI, COD, GIA and ASL.

Hasbro purchased TAHGC in 1998 acquiring all corresponding rights to the collection of game titles that were held by TAHGC in addition the the GENERAL magazine and the name of AVALONCON. The entire TAHGC staff was dismissed; the GENERAL was discontinued; and all plans for future AVALONCONs was cancelled. (The Boardgame Player Association was formed hosting the World Boardgame Championships in its place beginning in 1999).

Multi-Man Publishing (MMP) licensed the rights to ASL material via contract with Hasbro games and as a licensed producer of this game and gaming system. Hasbro and MMP concur this agreement extends to the PREASL titles as well.

Until recently, SQL Series was not actively supported by MMP in deference to their ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER product line. The exclusive nature of the licensing agreement prevented other entities from entering such material into public domain.

GOOD NEWS: By an agreement with MMP as of January, 2006, MMP will be posting the rules online, and allowing a consolidated version to be developed. Bill Thomson (SQLA Project Manager) will be driving the effort to supply these materials under the overall project oversight of MMP representative, Alain Chabot.