updated 110724

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Squad Leader Academy (SQLA) is a department of Wargame Academy (WGA). WGA is a registered sole proprietiorship company in Williamson County, Texas, USA. As such, it is an entity which is a benevolent dictatorship of Bill Thomson who the only officer of the company known as Wargame Academy and is singularly responsible for all opinions, commentary, webpage content, and activities of WGA. Those identified as honorary staff are recognized for their contributions in parallel activities to support ongoing PREASL play and not to be considered responsible and/or liable for any actions of WGA. Any advice, suggestions, guidanced offered from this esteem staffed is taken under advisement but not necessary implemented.

In Recognition: Squad Leader Academy has its roots as a informal newsletter initiated by Michael Handiboe. Upon his volunteering for services in the Air Force (ours), Bill Thomson took over the role of the newletter and transformed SQLA into its current multitasking form. The original acronym of SLA was replaced upon recommendation by a gamer who is also government agent due to common reference of the Symbonese Liberation Army.