SQUAD LEADER Series Ladder

Revised 091025

The Old and the New

The old SLlist ladder has been idle since FEB2006 when it keeper (Alan Yngve) moved to other pursuits. Rather than resurrect, I will start a new PBEM ladder (SQL Series Ladder) as the player base is assumed to have changed significantly. To be determined if rank by AREA, then start with new ladder ratings, or use AREA as the ladder rating. (Am updating AREA now). Using AREA maintains a tie-in of the two ranking; making independent levels the playing field. Open to suggestions. Similarly, as my SQLA website Player Roster is filled with cobwebs, I will replace it with a new one of 'current' players. AREA ratings will be integrated into the ladder.


The current ladder will incorporate games played by either face to face, play by email, play by VSQL server or any combination. However to I can only compute games that I am made aware of. Cooperation of the player base is appreciated. Please send any game announcements and completion to Bill (interim SQLS Ladder Keeper). Any results will be incorporated into the AREA system and the Scenario Record.

Current Ladder