UPDATED 190225



The objective of this section is to provide education to players to accelerate their development towards proficiency. Rules knowledge is an critical skill, in addition to the compiled Questions & Answers and Squad Leader Academy rule conventions. However for many, the acquiring expertise or successful techniques remains a major challenge. The following is an incomplete list of tips to accelerate the SQL player development curve. Normally I have not done this for opponents (this is the first time) but due to the fact we can only meet by mail, such would take years to show you the hard way. Also i have a vested interest in keeping your rating up at other players expense. All are basic guidelines which may be altered in game breaking situations: a) last turn push, b) when disparate, or c) when attempting to remove the last opposition and higher losses are acceptable. All assume SL level as various rules 'tricks' change in each rules set.



  1. Know your probabilities. Two die probabilities, hit/kill combinations, chances of breaking/KIA targets for given af or DRM. Not necessary to know numbers but a developed 'game sense' will determine fire selection, whether to shoot or move etc.. Good summary in first General with SL on cover (14#5?).
  2. Attack opponent's weakest link. Russians Leaders (not enough of them); Germans (squads; lots of toys less bodies); Americans 6 moral squads (2xBK=KIA).
  3. 80 and lesser leaders should not be in the front line. 81's are marginal; only if in good cover.
  4. Keep leaders in cover TEM greater leader modified incoming shot (i.e. +1 woods is no good if -2 leader is directing incoming fire.
  5. Keep rout locations in mind when doing a setup.
  6. Don't shoot at broken Russians if they have no chance to rally as they may go berserk.
  7. Try to kill units by blocking rout paths, more enemy units can be eliminated in this manner than direct fire attacks.
  8. Artillery, guns best choice is often smoke.
  9. Use smoke to block incoming fire so you can localize your attack in one direction where you have the advantage.
  10. Engineers with FT should use there smoke as it does not affect their FT only the enemy rifle.
  11. Close combat only when modified CC attacks in your favor.
  12. Russian always try to CC as trading squads is to Russian advantage and enemy leaders die with their squads for free.
  13. Russian leaders should not be used in CC as too valuable.
  14. Give the enemy no targets or lots of targets (more than he has shots else you are allowing him to reduce your force).
  15. Never put your tanks near enemy 628,847,838 especially if they have smoke. Use your engineers to get into CC with his tanks.
  16. Best way to deal with a powerful enemy stack is to move adjacent with many small stacks and getting some into CC. Alternate is to advance all adjacent for upcoming defensive. Either case he cannot shoot at all your guys if given more targets than he has shots.
  17. If target in positive TEM, one large attack is usually best. If he is in 0 TEM or moving, many smaller attacks have better chance for KIA or twice broken.
  18. Leaders with radios are priority targets, breaking the leader gives you a chance to capture/destroy radio and its artillery.
  19. Destroy all captured SW you cannot use or expect to hang onto. If yours, you can malfunction it to make it useless to enemy but gives you the chance to fix it latter.
  20. Russian LMG use is best used only for CC or in critical shots due to high breakdown.
  21. Do not use more SW than needed if will not change af level.
  22. Use captured MG first before your own if same af.
  23. Engineers with smoke are priority targets.
  24. Assign -2 leaders to engineers with DC/FT as they can use them in event engineer breaks.
  25. Engineer must shoot at same hex as FT/DC. You should move against him from 2+ hexes (instead of one large stack) as he can shoot at only one hex.
  26. Keep broken units DM to reduce chance to rally. 1af+5drm is sufficient to keep DM.
  27. American leaders are subject to DM not squads or crew; keep them DM as loss is greater due to thief high rate of rally of non DM units.
  28. American leaders should not be in front line unless in good cover due to low squad morale and broken leader induced MC.
  29. Don't be afraid to run American/Russian vehicles in woods/bldg. as only 16% chance of immobilization. Not a good idea for Germs as 33% chance.
  30. Spread your AT fire out so enemy you get a flank shot. If all frontal shots, it's just a matter of luck unless someone has an advantage of number or armor dr.
  31. Approach vehicles from flank for CC (moving target; pivot modifiers) preferably from several hexes.
  32. Overrun guns as first movement from outside their covered arc preferably a multiple number of times.
  33. If you can get enemy to commit his DEF fire tank/gun against your first tank; you can move adjacent to side/rear with rest (beware of the same).
  34. Often wise to voluntary break to avoid unfavorable CC. Especially with lone leaders. Remember, if you were not shot at since previous rally you are not DM. Also you are allowed to rout turn you break even if no-one shot at you.
  35. Killing units my multiple shots
  36. AMBUSH TRICKS ALLOWED BY RULES; these are prohibited in later rulesets and SQLA conventions.
  37. a) Can advance into staircase and change levels putting you into close combat. You avoid Def fire. Ex. your in M2.2; I am in N2.1 after movement. I can advance into M2.2 for close combat and you did not see me coming. Rules do not say you can change levels and advance into adjacent hex.
  38. b) Panzergrenedier assault: You are in 2W9. My tank with passengers move Y10 and Y9. I advance fire tank vs. some target on hill which unloads pass into X9. They advance into W9 never receiving defensive fire.