SCENARIO ALPHA(zero); Version 1.3
Design by Alan Yngve, 1996 (copyright 1997);[1/11/00]


One of the toughest challenges in learning Squad Leader well is the art of infantry maneuver. This scenario assigns a maneuver order (victory condition) to the Russians and challenges the Germans to block its successful execution, also through the use of maneuver. Most Squad Leader scenarios will have one force on the tactical offensive, this will be the force that must achieve an active victory condition objective, as is the Russian situation in this case.

[Introducing: SEQUENCE OF PLAY (of course), BASIC TERRAIN (woods, buildings, walls and hedges, roads, shellholes), INFANTRY MOVEMENT (maneuver), INFANTRY FIREPOWER (interdiction), EFFECTS OF RANGE, LEADERSHIP, ROUTING, RALLYING, BOARD ENTRY, BOARD EXIT]

   ^   |                        4 |
   |   |                          |
   N   |                          |

VICTORY CONDITIONS: To win the Russians must exit 5 squads off the south board edge between rows j and p (both inclusive) [see BOARD EXIT]. Germans win by preventing the Soviet victory conditions.

Germans set up first   +---+---+---+---+---+-------+
                       | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |  END  |
Russians move first    +---+---+---+---+---+-------+

RULES: 1-2.6, 3.2-3.5, 3.7-5.6, 6-7.3, 7.8, 8-15.2, 15.4-16.6, 18.3-20.4, 20.6-20.83, 20.9-21.3, 44.3-44.32.

GERMANS: Reinforced Platoon on Patrol

   hex y1      hex y2      hex y3
   +---+---+   +---+---+   +---+
   |9-2|467|   |8-1|467|   |467|
   +---+---+   +---+---+   +---+
         2           2

RUSSIANS: Rifle Company on Approach March [see BOARD ENTRY]
Enter turn one on north board edge east of row j (inclusive).
[Note: this is equivalent to edge hexes a10 through j10.]



  • [BOARD ENTRY] Must enter at the specified location(s) on the specified scenario turn, either during the movement and/or the advance phase. The normal terrain cost of the first (whole or half) hex of entry must be paid.
  • [BOARD EXIT] Units may only exit the mapboard area at specified locations during a friendly movement or advance phase. A unit is not considered to have exited until it expends one movement factor to leave a board edge whole or half hex. Broken units may not exit. Units may not exit unless specified by the scenario rules or victory conditions and once exited they may not return.
  • [HALF HEXES] See rule 3.7. Un-labeled half hexes are referenced as either 0 (as in j0) or 10 (as in j10). Numbering on all boards is similar.

Scenario augmentation elements:



add:   |9-1|447|

RULES: 2.7-2.9, 5.7, 17, 18.1, 18.2, 20.5, 20.84.

German: [MG's and penetration]

       hex y1      hex y2  hex y3
       +---+---+   +---+  +---+
add:   |MMG|LMG|   |HMG|  |LMG|
       +---+---+   +---+  +---+



Russian: [MG's (range/firebases)]

add:  |MMG|LMG|


The German player must deploy all the specified forces in any three hexes, each of which must BE NO MORE THAN TWO HEXES FROM the initially specified set up hexes (y1, y2, and y3) and each must contain at least one squad.



add: Wheatfields (June-October)

RULES: 44.2-44.24.


German player moves first.


Scenario Playtest Credits: Jason Alexander, Cliff Bekar, Pete Belford, Lars Clausen, Stefan Eriksson, Joakim Fredriksson, Andy Friedmann, Jonathan Kenny, Soeren Koch, Mike Noel, Dave Ratynski, Eddy M. del Rio, Gary Robinson, Ken Rutsky, Kevin Wilson, Alan Yngve.