SCENARIO BETA(zero           Version 2.4

Design by Alan Yngve, 1997/1998 (copyright 2002)    [7/1999]

H A S T Y    A S S A U L T        Russia, October 1942

The concept of battlefield maneuver is easy to grasp conceptually, but hard to effectively orchestrate. The addition of assault tactics and the frequent requirement for an attacker to displace a defender from their positions will always significantly complicate a tactical problem. Successful attacking skills are only developed through experimentation and practice, but within the Squad Leader system, this too can be a very enjoyable process.

[Introducing: more with BASIC TERRAIN (stone buildings, more walls and hedges, more wheatfields), HILLS, ADVANCED LOS (Hills), DIRECT ASSAULT, DEFENSIVE OPTIONS, MANEUVER IN (and against) AN ASSAULT, CLOSE COMBAT, BERSERK INFANTRY, SOLE CONTROL]

      +-------------+ - - - - - - +
  ^   |             |           3 |
  |   |             |   not used  |
  N   |             |             |
      +-------------+ - - - - - - +
Use only rows GG through Q (inclusive).

Note that Wheatfields are present due to the Scenario date.

RULES: Through Alpha-3, HILLS (43.1-43.61, 43.7-43.9)

NOTE! Alpha-3 rules are equal to (only) the following: Rules 1-7.3, 7.8, 8-15.2, 15.4-16.6, 17-21.3, 44.2-44.32.

Please refer to commentary accompanying Scenario Alpha for a description of how to use the different "levels," Beta-0 through Beta-3.

Russians set up first   +---+---+---+---+---+-------+
                        | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |  END  |
Germans move first      +---+---+---+---+---+-------+

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Germans win by being the last to have sole control of each of the three stone buildings. The scenario is a draw if the Germans achieve their victory conditions but lose (removed from the board) four or more squads. The Russians win by preventing the German victory condition.

RUSSIANS: Rifle elements holding village

  hex r3    hex r6    hex t3    hex t4        hex t6
  +---+     +---+     +---+     +---+---+     +---+
  |447|     |447|     |447|     |9-2|447|     |447|
  +---+     +---+     +---+     +---+---+     +---+
              2         2

GERMANS: Rifle company on hasty assault

  hex u1    hex v1    hex x1    hex x3
  +---+     +---+     +---+     +---+
  |467|     |467|     |467|     |467|
  +---+     +---+     +---+     +---+
    2         2         2         2

Discretionary set up forces: Set up with any German squad(s).



[SOLE CONTROL] Sole control is a victory condition concept that is first introduced in Avalon Hill's Scenario 1, _The_Guards_ _Counterattack_, although the specific term is not used in the scenario. Quoting from this source, sole control is "no enemy squad or officer can be in the (building) at (game end) and your forces must have been the last to have occupied any hex of the (building) with an unbroken unit."

[SET UP IN BUILDINGS] An examination of the Scenario Special Rule 1.1 on SL Scenario 1 (The Guards Counterattack) explains that a set up that specifies "In building k5" means that the forces may set up in any hex within that building. However, the set up specified in this scenario specify specific hexes (as in "hex r3") rather than specifying the building. This is an important distinction that should be noted prior to play of any scenario.

BETA(one) Scenario augmentation elements:

Germans: [firepower support]

Heavy Weapons Platoon
      Hex X5
 add: |467|MMG|
        3   2

Russians: [concealment]

      hex u6  with any squad
      +---+   +---+---+---+
 add: |447|   |447|LMG| ? |
      +---+   +---+---+---+
                    2   9


Discretionary forces:

 add: |8-1|
RULES: 25.1-25.6, 25.8, 25.9


Germans: [engineers, smoke]

Discretionary forces:

      +---+---+  |     |
 add: |838|lmg|  |smoke|
      +---+---+  +-----+

  RULES: 25.7, 24.1-24.8

Russians: [guards, deployment]

Set up all forces except the 628 in woods or building hexes east of row U (inclusive) and on hexes numbered between 3 and 8 (both inclusive).       hex Q5
      +---+   +---+---+
 add: |628|   |8-0| ? |
      +---+   +---+---+


Germans: [DC, reinforcements]

Variable Deployment: Set up ALL at-start German forces on any whole or half hexes west of row X (inclusive).
 add: |DC |

Russians: [Special Scenario Rules]

Battalion Reserve: See Scenario Special Rule (SSR)
      hex Q5
 add: |628|LMG| ? |


Headquarters Platoon: Enter turn 2 on any west edge hex(es)

 add: |10-2|838|467|lmg|
                 2   2

RULES: 23.1-23.8, note rule 5.75

SSR: Both Russian 628 squads in Q5 may not move (fire is permitted)until released, broken by German fire, or berserk. The Russian player rolls one die (1d6) at the END of the Rally Phase of each Russian turn, if the result is less than the number of Russian infantry units currently broken or eliminated, the forces are released by the battalion commander.

Scenario inspiration: Lars Clausen (Assault on Stovgorod) Development assistance: Alain Chabot

Scenario Beta Playtest credits: Pete Belford, Russ Butler, Dave Carter, Lars Clausen, John Coley, Chris Edwards, Ted Ewen, Andy Friedmann, Cait Glasson, Jim Kiraly, Soeren Koch, Greg Layton, Tom Leete, Mick Moore, Eric Pass, Pete Pollard, Scott Powers, Dirk Renshaw, Chris Roberson, Ken Rutsky, Christopher Short, Anders Soenderby, Eric Stranger, Kevin Wilson, Jay Yanek, Alan Yngve.