SCENARIO Delta(zero)        Version 2.1

Design by Alan Yngve, 1997 (copyright 2002)    [10/2000]

B A C K   T O  T H E  S E A          Normandy, June 1944

The Americans in the Squad Leader system are a very different type of force than the Germans and Russians. With basic squads combining a higher inherent firepower and a lower morale, the 666 squad is both extremely powerful and quicker to break and double-break. The other important difference is that Americans SQUADS (not leaders) are exempt from desperation morale effects. Learning how these differences affect the way that the Americans are best commanded on the battlefield is both challenging and intriguing. This scenario, representing a local probing counterattack shortly after the Normandy invasions, presents three common infantry operation themes, the tactical implications of: defensive machine gun positions, called artillery support, and direct armor support.

[Introducing: Off-Board Artillery (OBA), radio use, High Explosive (HE) versus infantry, more smoke, infantry versus armor, machine gun positions, entrenchments, bazookas, crew (squads) as infantry]

      +-------------+ - - - - - - +
  ^   |             |             |
  |   |             |  not used   |
  N   | 2           |             |
      +-------------+ - - - - - - +
      |             |           4 |
      |             |  not used   |
      |             |             |
      +-------------+ - - - - - - +
Use only the area west of row Q (inclusive).

Note: Wheatfields are present due to the Scenario date.

Delta(zero) RULES: Through Beta(two), (Americans) 50.1, 50.3, 50.4 (Off-Board Artillery) 46.1-46.53, 46.6-46.81, 46.9

FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS: Use all pertinent rules from the SL rulebook except rules 58 and 59. Note that entrenchments (rule 54) are not permitted in Delta-0 or Delta-1.

Germans set up first      +---+---+---+---+---+-------+
                          | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |  END  |
Germans move first        +---+---+---+---+---+-------+

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Germans must earn at least 5 points at game end to win. The Americans win if the Germans earn 4 or fewer points. The Germans earn points as follows: gain (MMG=2, HMG=3) points for each American MG (even if malfunctioned) that is NOT in the same hex as a good order or broken American infantry unit at game end; gain 1 point for each German squad on any whole or half hex of Board 2 (even if broken) at game end; gain 1 point for each American MG that has been removed from the board for any reason. The Germans lose points for the following: deduct 2 points per immobilized AFV and deduct 3 points per eliminated AFV.

Germans: KAMPFGRUPPE TIENHAM (supported Rifle Company) Set up first. Up to six 1/2" counters may set up on any hex(es) south of board 4 hexes numbered "3" (inclusive). Remainder of force must enter turn 1 on any south board hexes. OBA is three artillery missions from an 81mm Morser Batterie.

                     10  5

Americans: INFANTRY BATTALION REMNANTS (Screening Force) Set up second on any [non-level two or three hill hex on] board 2 or board 4 hex that is north of hexes numbered "8" on board 4 (inclusive). See optional rule.


OPTIONAL RULE: By pre-game agreement, permit the Americans to set up on level 2 and 3 hill hexes, adding this provision. At the conclusion of the American set up, the German player gains additional forces equal to 30 points for each Entrenchment and/or MG that the Americans set up on any level 2 or 3 hill hex. Using the point values on page 28, any German unit(s) may be purchased as long as the total cost does not exceed the amount added by the American set up. Leaders may either be purchased by paying the full cost or available leaders may be upgraded by paying the cost differential (eg. upgrading a 9-1 to a 9-2 costs 15). All added forces (or upgraded leaders) must enter on German turn one.

Delta (one) Scenario augmentation elements:

Germans: [Armor support, crews]

 add: |8-1|247|mmg|MkIV |
      +---+---+---| f2  |

Americans: [multiple firebases, crews]

 add: |8-1|666|246|MMG|

RULES: Through Gamma(two), 28.2, 28.4, 31.5, 31.7, 32.1-32.2,33.1-33.34, 33.8-34.8, 35, 38-39, 41.2-41.4, 58.4

Delta (two)

Germans: [Assault guns, AFV differences]

 add: |SK251| STG |
      | (mg)|(105)|

RULES: 33.6, 40.4

Americans: [Entrenchments, bazookas]

      +---+---+---+     |
 add: |8-0|246|Baz|Entr |
            2   5    2

RULES: 33.9, 37.4, 54 [Note rules 5.75, 41.2]

Delta (three)

Germans: [augmented OBA]

Random OBA module.

 add: |6+1|rad|

Americans: [defensive OBA]

Random OBA module.

      +---|     |
 add: |rad|Entr |

RULES: 45.1-45.42, 46.54, 46.82

Scenario Delta development assistance: Pete Belford, Chris Edwards

Scenario Delta playtest credits: Pete Belford, Dave Carter, Jason Coyle, Andy Dupras, Chris Edwards, Duncan Gibson, Eric Pass, Pete Pollard, Chris Roberson, Howard Rosenberg, Curtis Teeters, Bill Thomson, Jay Yanek, Alan Yngve.