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Squad Leader Academy announcde the Boardgamer Player Association 2004 Squad Leader Play by Email Championship Tournament in October, 2003. Play commenced 1/19/04 in a single elimination format. Players are seeded throughout the even, top vs bottom rank, by 1/1/04 AREA ratings. Players with no AREA rating, were assigned a start rating of 5000 with order determined by random number. The VASSAL application using the VSQL module will be used as the standard interface for this event. This Sun Java vehicle, authored by Rodney Kinney, combined with SQLA 'a VSQL version 2.5.1 enables both step based PBEM and real time server play. The key features include: its free, files are computer platform independent, and the server interface is built in. All VASSAL/VSQL components are available either via the Vassal Engine Website, within the SQL site (main page side menu, VSQL), or upon request to Squad Leader Academy, a installer CD (a $5 conbtribuition to WARGAME ACADEMY is encouraged to offset time/cost). SQL has several VSQL mentors standing by to bring any interested party up to competency using the VSQL interface.

To meet the requirements for BPA sanctioning, a minimum field of 16 player is required, this has been met with approximately 20 participants.. All participants must have 2004 BPA memberships. See the Boardgamer Player Association website for the 2004 membership form ($10 Associate membership entitles you to entry any BPA event starting in 2004). . Plaques will be awarded at least to the first place finishers with all BPA accolades.

This is a 5 found event with each round to be completed in two months after round start with delinquent games to be adjudicated for and binding tournament. SLlist ladder and AREA result. Players unable to complete due to personal priorities are expected to concede. Players may default a round with no AREA impact if real life prevents them from starting a round. For each round, the surviving players will be ranked by AREA rating (year end 2003 ranking). The maximim field is 32 members. Byes will only occur in the first round, as needed to the highest seeded player. Of the remaining field, #1 will play #16, #2 will play #15 an so on. If a player bows out of a round, they will be replaced with the highest rated loser from the previous round until the spot is filled. That player will be treated as a previous round winner suffering no handicap relative to the other remaining players other than being seeded in the bottom position.

VASSAL and VSQL will be the common interface (vassal 1.2.3. and vsql 2.5.1 have just been upgraded to and 2.5.3; either set my be used however only forward file compatability exists). Mentors have been identified to help VSQL novices to become proficient with this application. The first round scenario will use standard boards 1-4. Subsequent round scenario will be identified and may utilize higher numbered boards giving players the option to buy real boards from MMP. All scenarios will be SQLA designs. The intent of tournament scenarios is to allow player skill to be an advantage rather than a 'dice war' and mimimizing PBEM play inhibitions due to HIP, concealment, high number of vehicle movement .

SQL4th edition rules augmented by SQLA rule conventions and compiled Question and Answers will be utilized. SQLA rules Czar and alternates will be used for a prompt binding rule interpretation as needed. Players may confer with each other or resolve any issue. However once a czar ruling is requested, the result is binding. House rules from your house have no merit. From extensive SQLA tournament, most rule issues with potential problems have already been incorporated into the SQL rule conventions.

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