updated 050126

  1. Squad Leader Academy (SQLA) is pleased to announce the 2004 Crescendo of Doom Scramble PBEM tournament. VSQL will be the standard interface, participants may elect either PBEM or server play. This event is not to be Boardgame Player Association (BPA) sanctioned but rather ran as a SQLA event. The impact is 2004 BPA membership is not required to participate (although still encouraged) and SQLA will incur all the charges for the plaques which will be passed on to the participants.
  2. This will be a somewhat informal event as most of us are rusty on COD play given that the existing VSQL does not support COD play. The beta version of COD.mdx extention for VSQL will be used This extension will add the necessary counters for the selected scenarios (rather than spending the time to create a full COD counter set). This extension will be upgraded as needed. Counters will stress functionality rather than final aesthetic appeal. This events serves to debug the COD.mdx extension to define further enhancements.
  3. This event will be Swiss/Round Robin as a function of the number of participants (minimum is five players). Players will be placed in pools with approximately three-four preliminary rounds with the final four or two to move into a championship playoff. All players are encouraged to play all rounds. Details will be determined by the number of participants.
  4. New players can be accomodated in any round or may serve as replacement players for games in progress.
  5. All matches will be AREA rated and SLlist ladder. AREA ratings as of 8/31/04 will be used to seed the participants as a function of the tournament start date.
  6. New SQLA scenarios may be used, often with boards higher than 1-8. Given the small amount of COD play as noted on the SLlist Scenario record, many existing COD scenarios are candidates as well. Participant designed scenarios can be used as well. This may necessitate some higher level terrain rules given the limitation of VSQL transformations (i.e. crags, graveyards, brush, forest trails, orchards etc.). Scenarios will be ‘partial bid’ as balance will not be tested with 50+ plays prior to use.
  7. Partial Bid Format: Each player sends the GM their preferred side in the scenario. If players pick opposing sides, scenario is played as written. If players pick the same side, the lower rated bids first, bidding the number of dominant squads added to the other sides ‘At Start’ forces. The Lowest bid is ‘0’ and all bids must be integers only (0, 1, 2, 3…). Bid continues until one player elects to play the opposing side augmented by the extra at start squads. This data and game results will work to modify the scenario forces over time.
  8. A Personal Leader Counter competition will be conducted within each tournament. The best performance of surviving leaders as measured by net Élan points will earn a plaque in addition to the first place tournament winner. Costs incurred to generate and ship the two plaques per tournament are estimated at $100 for this tournament. Entry fees and contribution will be used to offset these costs as the WGA/SQL coffers are empty. Those with financial hardship (I can personally relate to this) will be granted a stipend to offset any entry fee. The goal is to maximize participation.
  9. All appropriate Squad Leader 4th edition rules. Cross of Iron 4th edition, and Crescendo of Doom 1st edition rules will be used as modified by the 2002 compiled Q&A) and superceded by SQLA Rule conventions will be in force. A SQLA ‘Rule Czar’ with alternates will be defined. Player’s individual ‘House Rules’ are not applicable to this or any other SQLA event.
  10. This event is expected to become annual events, augmenting the BPA Squad Leader and Cross of Iron PBEM championships (annual January start date), the BPA Squad Leader Series tournament at the World Boardgame championships (typically the first week in August, Baltimore, MD, USA) and other FTF and PBEM events run by SQLA. BPA sanctioning in future years will be assessed if the participant pool meets BPA requirements (presently minimum of 16 players with 100% BPA membership).

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