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Hank Meyer hcmeyer@uci.edu 27 November 1996 LA Group WiE errata, Q&A, Addenda (part 1)

War in Europe Errata, Q&A, Addenda version 1.2 [draft 3, xx November 96]

This includes the published 20 April 76 errata (indicated by an *), questions officially answered in writing and clarifications obtained by telephone from SPI between 1976 and 1980. Portions of this were published in the March 1981 issue of the Journal of WWII Wargaming as "Cleaning Up the Act," based on our Los Angeles group's letters and materials.

Note that while this does NOT take into account the parallel efforts by the Kansas City group which we were unaware of at the time (resulting in the SPI-sponsored 1981 draft errata version 1.3 - a significant reworking and rationalization of the existing rules), it IS legitimately official on its own (although arguably not comprehensive nor even reasonable in some cases). It is consistent with the original rules and design, resolves a number of issues and disputes, and fills some holes (but not much else). If this is all you have, it makes the game more playable.

A note on my categorization of version numbering. Version 1.1 is anything published prior to the collapse of SPI and extensive and/or comprehensive errata becoming widely available. Version 1.2 is the LA Group's compiled errata as published in the Journal of WW2 Wargaming (and subsequently revised and expanded) which represents a stable partial revision. Version 1.3 is anything published after 1980 that was not comprehensive in nature. Version 1.4 is the Kansas City Group's full-scale, SPI-sponsored compreh ensive errata and revision published in 1982 and revised in 1984. Version 1.5 will be anything published in the 1990s subsequent to the establishment of the War in Europe mailing list and wide distribution of the previous versions of the errata/addenda. Version 1.6 will be the next full-scale, comprehensive errata and revision of the game. This numbering system is tentative only, and open to suggestion, revision or a better format. Version 2.0 will be the next commercial re publishing of the game.

If anyone has any other errata directly and/or officially answered by SPI from New York (not Kansas City) between 1976 and 1981 that is not included below, please let me know at <hcmeyer@uci.edu>. This is part of an ongoing effort to complete the final version 1.6 of War in Europe (first edition).


*TERRAIN NOTE [3.1] and [5.8]:

The coastlines shown on the map were designed resemble as closely as possible the actual coastlines of Europe. They have not been rationalized to conform to the hexgrid. For this reason a number of hexes and hexsides contain very insignificant portions of land, In part, we have attempted to clarify the situation through use of the Blocked hexsides. However, some ambiguous hexes still remain. Players are advised to use their own judgment to come to some common agreement concerning problems of terrain interpr etation.






The Following are Corrections in the Scenario Initial Deployments:


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