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Macintosh is my preferred platform but I do have an Insignia emulation software (Symmantics Real PC) and Connectix Virtual PC) on several of my Macintoshs. Windows after Windows98se did not attempt to retain capability to run DOS applications. My work machine is a Dell Windows 2000 (NT based) operating system.


  1. BATTLEFRONT; Use the award=-winning land combat simulation system featuring: PANZER BATTLES, ROMMEL, HALLS OF MONTEZUMA AND MACARTHUR'S WAR.; STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP (SSG)
  2. BATTLES OF NAPOLEON; Reconstruct any Napoleonic battle - real or imagined; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  3. CARRIER STRIKE; All of the great carrier battles of the South Pacific, linked up in one big campaign!; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  4. CLASH OF STEEL; Span the entire European Theater of World War II in one monstrous campaign!; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  5. CONFLICT MIDDLE EAST; A masterfully detailed simulation of war in the Middle East - past, present and hypothetical!; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  6. CONFLICT KOREA; Become General MacArthur of the commander of North Korean Forces during the first year of this bitter conflict.; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  7. CONQUEST OF JAPAN; As a Japanese Lord, send samurai warriors into battle to regain ancestral lands; IMPRESSIONS
  8. D-Day; THE BEGINNING OF THE END; Relive this decisive this decisive WWII Battle as either the Allied or Axis forces; IMPRESSIONS
  9. DECISIVE BATTLES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, VOLS. I, II, III; Use the award winning Decisive Battles game system to simulate the challenge of Civil War combat; STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP (SSG)
  10. GLOBAL DOMINATION; Conquer endless worlds in the ultimate multi player conquest simulation; IMPRESSIONS
  11. GOLD OF THE AMERICAS; Battle for control of the New World as England, France, Spain or Portugal - and carve out an empire!; STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP (SSG)
  12. PACIFIC WAR; As the Supreme Commander of Allied for Japanese forces on all fronts- land, air, and sea - your is definitely the biggest battlefield ever!; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  13. PANZER GENERAL; Become a German General with a fresh command in Poland . Success will depend upon your abilities as a leader. Here's your chance to find out what the critics have been raving about!. This award-winning strategy mega-hit looks as good as it plays-and it plays better than anything else on the market!; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  14. REACH FOR THE STARS; Embark on a dizzying campaign of interstellar conquest and colonization.; STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP (SSG)
  15. SWORD OF ARAGON; In this fantasy game, strategy meets sword and sorcery.; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  16. WARGAME CONSTRUCTION SET II: TANKS! Armored conflict, past and present - any way you want it.; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  17. WAR IN RUSSIA; The most comprehensive simulation of the World War II campaign that launched Hitler's superior forces against Stalin's 5 million man army from 1941 to 1945; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  18. WARLORDS; The peace is broken - now the eight mighty empires of Illuria must contend for supreme power!; STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP (SSG)
  19. WESTERN FRONT; Perhaps the most detailed computer simulation ever created of the Allied invasion and liberation of Europe.; STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC (SSI)
  20. WHEN TWO WORLDS WAR; It's planet vs planet in this futuristic strategy Wargame; IMPRESSIONS


OTHERS; TALONSOFT games run on Windows NT/2000; most other Windows games only run on Windows 95/98

  1. ACES OF THE PACIFIC; WWII Flight Simulator Pacific Theater; DYNAMIX
  2. ACHTUNG SPITFIRE; Turn based WWII air campaign 1939-42; TAHGC
  3. computer AXIS & ALLIES; WWII strategic; HASBRO; windows 98
  4. AIR WARRIOR 1; WWII combat simulator
  5. AIR WARRIOR I.5; WWII combat simulator; WIZARD WORKS; 486+
  6. BATTLE OF ANTIETIM; Civil War; SSI; Pre-286
  7. BULGE; Battleground 1; WWII; Ardennes Offensive; TALONSOFT; windows
  8. CHIKAMAUGA; Battleground 9; American Civil War; TALONSOFT; windows
  10. COMBAT FLIGHT SIMILATOR; Microsoft, 1998
  11. computer DIPLOMACY; computer version of the boardgame by TAHGC
  12. EAST FRONT; WWII squad/tank platoon East Front; TALONSOFT; windows
  13. EAST FRONT II; WWII squad/tank platoon East Front; TALONSOFT; windows
  15. GETTYSBURG: Battleground 2; American Civil War; TALONSOFT; windows
  16. GETTYSBURG: Sid Meyers; windows
  18. KAMFGRUPPE; WWII platoon, Eastern Front; SSI; Pre-286
  19. OPERATIONAL ART OF WAR-Volume I 1939-1955; Elite Edition; TALONSOFT; windows
  20. OVER THE REICH; Turn based WWII air campaign 1943-45; TAHGC
  21. PACIFIC WAR; version 3.2; upgrade from the SSI version by MATRIX GAMES (free download). [Gary Grigsby design]
  22. PRELUDE TO WATERLOO; Battleground 8 (Ligny and Quatre Bras); Napoleonic; TALONSOFT; windows
  24. RISING SUN GOLD; WWII Pacific; TALONSOFT; windows
  25. SHILOH; Battleground 4; American Civil War; TALONSOFT; windows
  27. STEEL PANTHERS IV; Matrix Games; Windows
  28. STORM ACROSS EUROPE; Europe Strategic; SSI
  29. THEIR FINEST HOUR; Battle of Britain Era flight Simulator; Lucasfilm; 286
  30. TYPOON OF STEEL; WWII platoon, Pacific; SSI; Pre-286
  31. computer THIRD REICH; DOS computer version of the boardgame by TAHGC
  32. 12 O'CLOCK HIGH; -Bombing the Reich; WWII Air Campaign; TALONSOFT; windows; [Gary Grigsby design]
  33. V FOR VICTORY SERIES (Utah Beach; Velikyie Luki; Market Garden; Gold-Sword-Juno); ATOMIC GAMES/360 PACIFIC
  34. UNCOMMON VALOR; Campaign for the South Pacific; MATRIX GAMES; 2002; [Gary Grigsby]
  35. WAR IN RUSSIA 3.0; DOS; upgrade from the SSI version by MATRIX GAMES (free download). [Gary Grigsby design]
  36. WAR IN THE PACIFIC; The Struggle Against Japan; MATRIX GAMES; 2004; [Gary Grigsby design]
  37. WEST FRONT; WWII squad/tank platoon West Front; TALONSOFT; windows
  38. WEST FRONT-OPERATION SEALION; WWII squad/tank platoon West Front; TALONSOFT; windows
  39. computer WOODEN SHIPS & IRON MEN; computer version of the boardgame by TAHGC
  40. computer WAR IN EUROPE; computer version of the boardgame by SPI; DECISION GAMES
  41. WORLD AT WAR SERIES (Crusader; Stalingrad; America Invades); ATOMIC GAMES/TAHGC
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