updated 060105

  1. Squad Leader Academy (SQLA) is currently organizing the 2006 Cross of Iron PBEM Championship tournament. VSQL3.0 will the standard interface, participants may elect either PBEM or server play.
  2. This event is not to be Boardgame Player Association (BPA) sanctioned but rather ran as a SQLA event. The impact is 2004 BPA membership is not required to participate (although still encouraged).
  3. As a SQLA event, SQLA will inherit the cost of the Championship plaque. Participants in a position to do so are asked to contribute $5 to the plaque fund as SQLA lacks any discretionary funding. Players in a similar situation should ignore this request, it should not be a barrier for your participation. Contributions can be made via Paypal (bill@wargameacademy.org) or other means.
  4. This event targets experienced players proficient in VSQL, the SQL 4th edition rulebook, the COI 4th edition rulebook. These are argument ed by the Compiled SQL Series Q&A and superseded by the SQLA rule conventions. Player’s individual ‘House Rules’ are not applicable to this or any other SQLA event.
  5. Should an issue arise with an answer not found in the above documents, players may submit a request for ruling to the SQLA Rules Czar (Bill Thomson). Research with or delegation to Alain Chabot (MMP SQL Series Rule Czar designate) as appropriate. Any such ruling is considered final and binding. The SQLA Rule Convention will be updated as appropriate.
  6. SQLA, as the trustee of VSQL, offers VSQL training and mentoring to bring new users up to proficiency. Contact SQLA as needed.
  7. All games will be submitted for both AREA player rating, SLlist ladder, and the scenario record. Players will be assimilated into the AREA system through their participation. AREA ratings as of 12/31/05 will be used for seeding purposes.
  8. This event will be five round event as a function of the number of participants. The field will be culled after the first two round (played simultaneously); hence each player is guaranteed two games. The first round will be limited to three months with successive rounds at two months each. Games not finished in the time limited will be adjudicated to defined a binding Tournament, AREA result, and SLlist ladder result. Players may opt out of any round during the Roll Call with no penalty. Otherwise players are expected to honor their commitments. Players are expected to concede if unable to meet their commitment. Player participation is considered as a acceptance of this contract.
  9. Players demonstrating lack of sportsmanship & reconcilability are excused from participation of all future SQLA and WGA events. This is a lifetime exclusion.
  10. This tournament will use SQLA revisions of Jeff Cebula's 1981 CWI-Con scenarios. These were published in ON ALL FRONTS, however the SQLA revisions supercede the as published form for tournament purposes.
  11. A Personal Leader Counter competition will NOT be conducted within each tournament as individual players may not play the same number of rounds

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