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  1. BOARDGAME PLAYER ASSOCIATION Administrative organization for the World Boardgame Championships AKA WBC (formally Avaloncon) and other premier tournaments
  2. AREA PLAYER RATINGS FOR ALL GAME TITLES site maintained by Bruno Wolff III (Thanks Bruno)
  3. COMSIMWORLD; another resource for boardgamers GO TO: http://talk.consimworld.com/ You can either register or use guest access. For now, enter via "Guest Access". Register allows you to post messages (plus a few other setting options) while Guest Access just lets you read messages. Your next screen should have a pull down menu called "ConsimWorld Discussion Board" Select "BOARDGAMING", sub-topic "Individual Game Discussion". http://talk.consimworld.com/ You can either register or use guest access. For now, enter via "Guest Access". Register allows you to post messages (plus a few other setting options) while Guest Access just lets you read messages. Your next screen should have a pull down menu called "ConsimWorld Discussion Board" Select "BOARDGAMING", sub-topic "Individual Game Discussion".
  4. WEB GROGNARD 'Grognard' is slang for someone who likes playing wargames. 'Web-Grognards' therefore has a unique collection of various conflict simulation game (i.e. wargame) information, including (but not limited to) rules errata and variants, game reviews and links to relevant web sites. The emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames are also covered. Many hundreds of game titles.
  5. iSIMULACRUM; Web database, counter scan manifests.
  6. Wikipedia entry for SQUAD LEADER
  7. World War II database; Web Research tool
  8. Stype, free voice over IP for PC Recommended alternatives; Teamspeak and Ventrillo.


  1. Above the Fields: Hank Burkhalter' s shareware program based PBEM engine of selected titles (TRC, FTP; Official AHIKS PBEM Page. WINDOWS; Free [For TRC play, the derieved interface is now The Russian Campiagn Online].
  2. Aide de Camp2 (ADC2) is the long awaited sequel to the ultimate gamer's tool for converting all those old boxed games into a fully playable computer version intended for Play-by-E-mail (PBEM). While designed primarily for wargames, ADC2 is flexible enough to handle any game or application where moveable "pieces" are placed on top of some sort of schematic base. It can handle games as diverse as the complex wargame Grand Europa, to every kid's favorite Chutes and Ladders, or even Scrabble. WINDOWS ONLY; Purchased
  3. Cyberboard board gaming system makes playing board games by mail and electronic mail a more enjoyable experience. The system allows you to easily graphically design the various parts of a board game on your computer. The players can make their moves and exchange recorded versions of the moves with their opponents. The opponent can then play back the moves. Although many types of games may be created using CyberBoard, games that use counters or chits such as war games work particularly well. CyberBoard is not an artificial opponent. It provides no artificial intelligence capability. Modules/Game box availability. WINDOWS ONLY; Free
  4. FTFGaming is a free online play utility of Columbia Games.
  5. The Russian Campaign Online; Default interface for most The Russian Campaign 4th edition PBEM tourname play. WINDOWS Only; Free.
  6. Wargame Processor Graphical PBEM shareware program for A3R (Amiga and PC), AFK , W+P, VIP. Thanks to Sean Emerson. More modules planned but only PC and amiga. WINDOWS ONLY; Free Limited Trial/Purchased
  7. VASSAL Game Engine; VASSAL is a game engine designed to allow you to play boardgames via e-mail or live Internet play.  VASSAL evolved from the VASL program for ASL.  The engine is written entirely in Java and is currently in Beta release.  The author is Rodney Kinney. JAVA (cross platform capability for Macintosh, Windows all flavors. Modules exist for 10+ game titles and being added continuously by the vassal work group. Free; Macintosh OSX, Unix, Linux, All flavor of Windows; files compatible across all platforms.
  8. Wargame Academy's PBG toolkits Graphical PBEM using Claris Draw application allowing shared editing shared file within and between Macintosh and Windows environments. As these were created prior to VASSAL, they do not have the same functionality. Although VASSAL is now the preferred method of play, the existence of PBG toolkits for 20+ titles were each element is editable (individual terrain counter or terrain) and multiplayer maps (record is CVW with 22 layers) which can be individually turns on and off are useful for illustrations and creation of VASSAL modules. The one drawback is this drawing program is not vector based (unlike Adobe Illustrator) so text resolution is degraded when translating for typically Macintosh Picture format (PICT) to GIF or JPEG. However some maps such as RUSSIAN FRONT are suitable for framing when plotted in color onto single full scale. MACINTOSH & WINDOWS [Effort since transferred to VASSAL; but some of the archives may be useful.]
  9. Warhorse Simulations/Automated Card Tracking System (ACTS); ACTS facilitates the play of card-based wargames by e-mail, by tracking the state of the decks and players' hands throughout the game. It was originally designed for use with Avalon Hill's We the People. It was later extended for use with other games of that system (Hannibal, For the People), as well as completely different games (Blue vs Gray, Titan), and we continue to add modules as time permits. Browser Based; Free

APPLE IIE EMULATION (Computer Games); Most of my extensive play in 1980s was vs human opponent (hot seat)

  1. ApplePC; running Apple PC game (SSI, SSG, Wizardry, Bards Tale, and any other file from ROM) on a PC.
  2. Catikig; running Apple PC game (SSI, SSG, Wizardry, Bards Tale, and any other file from ROM) on a Macintosh
  3. Listing of bunches of Apple II emulators


  1. ATTENTION: dice@pbm.com has been decertified for several ladders due to reoccurring dice sequences.
  2. Shadow Island Games Dice server instructions for PBEM play. Results are sent to initiator and others specified by email
  3. Irony Games Dice Server; results are emailed to multiple players
  4. Victory in the Pacific VIP die roller tailored to Victory in the Pacific and appropriate to War at Sea as well.
  5. Kenware The format is very similar to dice@pbm, except that it is on a web page and all you do is point/click and fill in the blanks. Kenware does not automatically send the requester an eMail. You must enter both parties eMail addresses in the space provided. It does give you the results back immediately on-line. Then you get the email
    confirmation shortly thereafter.


  1. ASL: ASL Scenario Record maintained by ROAR
  2. ASL: Multiman Publishing (aka MMP) hold the license from Hasbro for the ASL series and selected other game titles formally of The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC).
  3. A3R: Warplanner (Other titles cited included Rising Sun, World at War)
  4. PZB/PZL/AIW: Tom Cooper administrates PBEM ladder and tournaments on Panzerblitz.com with a variety of resources for Panzerblitz, PanzerLeader, and Arab-Israeli Wars.
  5. SQL/COI/COD/GIA: SQUAD LEADER ACADEMY; Support and player development tools for the
    Squad Leader Series (SQL, COI, COD, GIA) play, AREA ratings input, Links to Scenario Record & SLlist Email group, and other resources.
  6. SQL/COI/COD/GIA: SQL: AdvancePhase.com Another Squad Leader Series resource.
  7. SQL/COI/COD/GIA: Multiman Publishing (aka MMP) hold the license from Hasbro for the ASL series and by default the SQL series. MMP has agreed to put softcopy rulebooks on pending new section on their website.
  8. VIP: VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC John Packs Victory in the Pacific PBEM ladder web site, Ladder rounds are continuous.
  9. VIP: WBC VIP site administered by John Sharp (WBC VIP GM) with info on other VIP tournaments, Midwest Open and Con-quest.
  10. WIF: WORLD IN FLAMES ADG' s official site v2.0 26
  11. UPF: UP FRONT Eric Taylor's Up Front Play By Web and E-Mail Page (UF PBW). Ownership of Up Front by The Avalon Hill Game Company (Hasbro) is Required in Order to Play at This Site Online rulebook.
  12. WAS: WAR AT SEA; The current Email Ladder administrator is Nicholas Markevich. Ladder rounds are continuous.


  1. Bonn Germany, HFC Homefront Wargaming Club. We are a ComSim based club located in Germany (but open to players from all over the world). Our website is mostly german at the moment, the launch of an english section is planned for May 2005 (we are working on the translations). We provide tons of information on ComSim and the wargaming hobby in general, PBEM help, AARs, an image gallery, and some player aid sheets we created. Players can post their profiles to find opponents (german section main manue
    --> Mitglieder --> just click on a name). The AREA ranking system is our ranking system of choice for all our club games.


  1. War in Europe email list: There is an online, www accessible archive of the list at www.halispnet/listserv/warineur. To participate you must subscribe to the list from the e-mail address that you will use to contact the list. To subscribe send e-mail to either:
    • warineur-request@halispnet OR
    • warineur-digest-request@halispnet (digest version)
    and put the single word 'subscribe' in the message body. Leave the subject lineblank and disable any signature bloc. You will receive an info packet as confirmation of your subscription. As with any email group, it is as valuable as its membership.
  2. CyberboardML - User Support Community for Cyberboard or one of several email group NetWarBud@yahoogroups.com


  1. Decision Games War in Europe and other SPI titles.
  2. Deer Valley Game Kits ; Supplements for lots of popular games.
  3. Killer Bee Software.com "Empire Deluxe Internet Edition among other titles


  1. "THE BOARDGAMER" A Magazine Devoted To The Competitive Play of Avalon Hill/Victory Games and the Games Contested at the World Boardgaming Championships.


  1. Lars Clausen's page
  2. Chris Edwards' page
  3. John Fermendzin's page
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  5. Tom Leete's page
  6. Ian McDowall's page
  7. Eric Pass' page
  8. Christopher Roberson's page
  9. Chuck Sutherland's page
  10. Jay Yanek's page
  11. Matthijs van der Zanden's

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