Revised 090712


  1. All matches in SQLA tournaments are AREA rated. SQLA will supply all appropriate awards if funded by the players via a free will donation.
  2. All matches in a BPA tournaments administrated by SQLA are AREA rated. To be sanctioned as a BPA event, all participants must be verified BPA members (any level) in the year the tournament starts. A minimum field of 16 players is required. The event administrator must be of good standing as a GM with BPA. BPA will supply any awards (plaques, etc). SQLA has adminitrated all BPA Squad Leader Series tournaments since Avaloncon 1996.
  3. Players may be banned from participation from SQLA events for cause at SQLA's discretion.
  4. SQLA tournament administrators are authorized to adjudicate games failing to meet time limits. Such results are binding for AREA and if appropriate SLlist purposes. In cases of PBEM, the player responsibile for the non-completion will be credited with a loss. Further participation in SQLA events becomes probationary.
  5. Participants are expected to concede games they are unable to complete due to real life priorities if unable to continue or meet round deadlines. The GM may choose to accpet such a result for tournament purposes and then allocate a three month extension before posting a AREA/Sllist ladder result if the match remains uncompleted. This does not apply to BPA FTF tournaments; Adjudications are final and binding.
  6. Players with outstanding games which are not making progress, conceded, or defined for tournament purposes, due to that player; may not participate in further rounds or other SQLA events.
  7. Evetns indicated a .'SQL Serires' indicates games are played at the lowest rules level to accommodate both players (SQL;. COI, COD, GIA). Other tournaments use a specific ruleset as noted.
  8. All SQLA events will have a defined resource to act as a 'Rules Czar'. When accessed with a request for ruling, any ruling is considered final and binding for that occurance within the match. This remains true even if such a ruling is later found to be in conflict with the rules. Alternate Rule Czar will be defined should the primary be involved in the dispute. Players are strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve independent of enacting a judgement.
  9. SQLA Rule Conventions are in force for all SQLA events. This is a living document seeking to eliminate difference in interpreation of rules to minimize conflicts. Players need not agree with them, but all enter the event agreeing to use the same interpretation.
  10. All appropirate rules apply (SQL4th, COI4th, COD1st, GIA2nd) subject to Special Scenario Rules (SSR) and argumented with the compliled SQL Series Questions & Answers, currently the 2004 edition.
  11. Individual Player driven House Rules do not apply. Tournament require a standardized ruleset.
  12. Tournaments, unlike events and individual matches are by nature more formal. Players are encourage to inforce rules, forgotten activities are forfeit once that phase is past, past actions are done, use of leniency is not encouraged. The purpose of a tournament is to establish the best play, this includes usage and application of the rules. s Events and individual matches are typically much more lax as the primary goals are building longtime opponents, building friendships, and player development.

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